Norman Gaines v. Commissioner of Correction, Life Sentence overturned. New trial ordered after habeas trial where Attorney Amore claimed trial counsel was ineffective for failing to investigate a double homicide and produce alibi witness testimony (2008). Trial court’s decision affirmed by Connecticut Supreme Court (2012).

In Re Estate, Attorney Amore hired by adult daughter of J. in contested will dispute over estate of J.’s husband. $250,000.00 settlement awarded to J. from estate litigation (2005).

United States of America v. J.G.F., client was indicted by grand jury and faced a 10 year mandatory minimum sentence in Federal District Court in Connecticut. Client sentenced to time served (2012).

State v. M.D., DUI-DWI charge dismissed. G.A. 23 New Haven.

BOA Foreclosure Action, Attorney Amore represented C.P. against an attempt by Bank of America to foreclose on C.P.’s house after a family crisis occurred. After five months of effort, Attorney Amore was successful in having C.P.’s loan modified and prevented foreclosure, saving family's home. Attorney Amore represented C.P. pro bono.

David Oberdick v. Commissioner of Correction, Stipulation to Judgment against ineffective criminal trial attorney. Mr. Oberdick’s sentence was reduced by 5 years.

State v. J.J., Client faced a maximum of 17 years in jail when his jury trial started. Defendant’s Motion in Limine was granted, in part, and reduced client’s sentencing exposure by 10 years. Client convicted of possession of narcotics in a correctional facility after jury trial. Client sentenced to 4 years to serve.

Raheen Thompson v. United States, U.S. Court of Appeals, for the Second Circuit, Manhattan, New York; Appeal filed and mandate issued in favor of client’s claim for jail credit. Client’s sentence was reduced by seven months, Honorable Ellen Bree Burns, May 2010.